Mazda Rx8 Owner from Darmstadt (Hessen)

  • Hello everyone, I am sam, I am american and I currently live in Darmstadt Hessen. I am an owner of this amazing car, a Mazda rx8, is there someone that lives nearby that speaks a little bit of English? I went to Mazda Darmstadt and Mazda Gross Umstadt but I was treated like shit, worst then a Fiat owner, terrible experience.

    I am having a CEL code P0420 - Cat issues if i remember correct, I just ran a compression test and spark plugs changed 2 weeks ago. I wanted to change the coils aswell but the Mazda dealer told me ''its useless'' . Sadly it is not and I should've changed the coils aswell.

    Please if someone leaves nearby and is a mechanic (homemade :D) or can direct me to a good mechanic with a clue about this car it would be much much appreciated !

    I love my car and I need your help !
    Thank you .

    ~ Sam

  • Cheers.

    How old are your coils? What is the total mileage? Original cat?
    If your coils are worn your cat might already be melted, hence the code. So yes, changing coils is actually crucial on this car.
    You can get coils from two forum members for far less than Mazda charges.

  • Hey Jim,

    The car has 60.000 Km , original cat and coils (damn you mazda dealer) , I'd love to get the coills from the forum members but I have no mechanic to do the job :/ . Hence why I am looking for one around Hessen!

    Cheers !

  • Hi Sam, do you know Offenbach? It's close to Frankfurt. There's a Mazda dealer called "Teuteberg". It's not my dealer but some friends said, that they make a great service and also install things which you bring them and not only things bought from them.

    I live between Wiesbaden and Limburg also in Hessen so Darmstadt is not far for me. Changing coils and plugs is very easy for me because I make an education for mechanic until January 2016.

    But I would go to Teuteberg for changing plugs, cables and coils. ;)

    Good Luck with Your rotary. :) :thumbup:

  • Thank you for the video jim! Sadly even with the video I have nore the tools nore the ability to do it myself. When it comes to mechanic stuff i'm an utter noob xD.

    Hey Jayman, I know where Wiesbaden is, not too far from me at all I already had the plugs changed from Mazda in Gross Umstadt, the dealer didn't want to change my coils.. saying it was ''useless'' , so yea.
    I would trust you, or any owner of an rx8 , over any of this so called ''mazda mechanics'' .

    You think you could find the time to change my coils? Also, add me on facebook if you have it for easier conversation =) !

  • I would advise changing the ignition wires as well, since they are not that expensive and then you would have a totally new ignition system. But do NOT buy coils or wires on Ebay (I know they are very cheap) they are real crap!

    And please inspect the cat like Jim said: through all three holes (front and back of the pipe and through the hole the Lambda sensor normally sits in.

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  • Yes, I will definitely stay away from Ebay eheh, do you guys know someone / somewhere I can buy them from with good quality and good price?

    I need coils and wires (plugs I just changed 1 and half week ago).

    Also, what am I supposed to look for when I check the cat? What would tell me if its dead.

    Thank you again guys, you have been of great help!

  • Here in this forum are two guys, @NortonF1 and ZeroCool261. They sell coils, plugs and wires for together ~300€ with a good quality. They're selling things for years and no one have problems with their things.

    You get also a catalytic converter here in this forum, if yours is broken. @[email protected] sells the catalytic converter from KKS for 650€. It's much cheaper than an OEM catalytic converter.

    If You check the cat, look for melted metal ceramic inside or small broken parts. If you see one of these, your cat is broken.

  • Thanks alot buddy!

    While we are at it, someone is maybe selling a battery Upgrade? My car is the 05 model and still runs with the old battery + starter and I am having some troubles with warm start. (hopefully coils + leads will help with this but while I am at it might aswell trow in a new battery )

  • I just got a compression done couple weeks ago when I installed new plugs and the tests resulted good , sadly my mazda is the 05 model and is running the old starter which is garbage at best, planning on installing the new version + coils + new battery and wires and see if that fixes the issue :)

  • What was the result of the compression test? Also replace the wires and spark-plugs, should always be done together with the coils.

    new starter always helps when compression is going low, good luck!

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  • Für die, die es interessiert. Er hat Juni/Juli eine neue Zündalage bekommen. Gemacht hat es mein Wankelschrauber ein Ort weiter von mir.

    Ein paar Wochen später hat er andere Probleme gehabt, an die genaue Beschreibung kann ich mich nicht mehr erinnern.
    Er hatte den Kat in Verdacht. Der Schrauber und ich haben uns das Auto angeschaut.

    Ergebnis: 2 Liter (!) zu viel Öl im Motor und der Kat war komplett leer (wahrscheinlich Vorbesitzer). Der Sam war sehr überrascht über den leeren Kat. Wir über das Öl! :denk:

    Sehr lustiger und verrückter Zeitgenosse. :xD: